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London Fashion Week

The 18th-22nd of September was fashion week in London–the 25th anniversary of London fashion week to be precise. I was expecting Luella to be my favorite collection this season, since normally I absolutely love everything that they do. However, this year it just didn’t do it for me. It seemed like it was trying too hard to be cutesy and whimsical and instead, it fell flat for me. You can view their collection on here.

The collection that was an absolute standout this year was Burberry Prossum, with head designer Christopher Bailey.

The color palette is so fresh and feminine. The pastels show that this is a spring collection, but the pastels picked are pretty and light, but in no way evident of an Easter basket, which I feel is a problem I have with certain pastels. In addition to the color scheme used, I liked the way the clothes were draped, and the use of belts that created cinched waists on many of the coats. I feel these ready to wear looks with the cinched belts and generous draping will flatter many different body shapes. I am 5’3 and have an hour-glass figure and it is not often I can see a collection and think “wow, that would look good on me, too!” instead of just appreciate a collection in an aesthetic sense.

My two favorite looks from the collection are:

Silver coat, cinched waist, Burberry

Silver coat, cinched waist, Burberry



I thought the simple makeup and hair was a good decision in that it didn’t detract at all from the clothes.

What was your favorite collection this season?

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