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The Top 10 UK Singles for December 28, 2009

1. The Climb – Joe McElderry

2. Killing in the Name – Rage Against the Machine

3. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

4. 3 Words – Cheryl Cole featuring Will.I.Am.

5. Starstrukk – 3OH!3 featuring Katy Perry

6. Meet Me Halfway – The Black Eyed Peas

7. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

8. Russian Roulette – Rihanna

9. You Know Me – Robbie Williams

10. Tik Tok – Ke$ha

All information is complied with the BBC Singles Chart.


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Rest in Peace, Brittany Murphy

TMZ reported this morning that Brittany Murphy was pronounced dead on arrival at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Murphy reportedly suffered full cardiac arrest, causing her death.  Murphy was reportedly found unconscious in the shower by her mother, Sharon, at about 8:00 AM PT.

Murphy’s rep issued the following statement: “In this time of sadness, the family thanks you for your love and support. It is their wish that you respect their privacy.”

Brittany was only 32 years old. I had always really liked her, and was shocked when I found out. I don’t want to do too much speculating her because bluecenterlightpop, unlike TMZ does not know everything about celebrities, but I’m wondering if her heart attack was due to an unknown heart condition or complications from an eating disorder or drugs. Either way, her death is tragic, she was so young and so talented.

Here are clips and trailers from some of my favorite things Brittany Murphy has been in:

Clueless, as Tai, of “You’re a virgin who can’t drive fame”

Uptown Girl

I used to dance around my room to the Molly Smiles and the rest of the Uptown Girl sountrack. La la la sheets of Egyptian Cotton

Her and Ashton Kutcher were together for a while after meeting during the filming of this movie.

Ramen Girl, Which the site did a review for here

What was your favorite Brittany Murphy movie?

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Audrey Hepburn’s cocktail dress sells for £60,000

by the BBC

A cocktail dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 1966 film How to Steal a Million has been sold at auction for £60,000.

The Chantilly lace outfit, by Hepburn’s favourite designer Hubert de Givenchy, was among dozens of her dresses, hats, belts and letters being sold.

A satin bridal gown for a wedding called off by Hepburn in 1952, when the late star was 23, sold for £13,800.

Some £268,320 was raised in the auction at La Galleria in central London, with half the proceeds going to charity.

The Givenchy dress was worn by Hepburn in a scene set in the bar of London’s Ritz Hotel in How to Steal a Million.

The Oscar-winning actress, who died in 1993, starred opposite Peter O’Toole in the crime romance.

Her dress attracted a winning bid of £50,000, rising to £60,000 once fees and taxes had been factored in.

In 2007, a cocktail dress worn by Hepburn in the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s sold in the US for almost £100,000.

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The Top 10 UK Singles for December 13, 2009

1. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

2. The Official BBC Children in Need Medley – Peter Kay’s Animated All Star Band (Still don’t understand this one.)

3. Russian Roulette – Rihanna

4. Meet Me Halfway – The Black Eyed Peas

5. Tik Tok – Ke$ha

6. Morning After Dark – Timbaland featuring Nelly Furtado

7. Whatcha Say – Jason Derulo

8. Doesn’t Mean Anything – Alicia Keys

9. Let the Bass Kick in Miami Girl – Chuckie and Lfmao

10. Look for Me – Chipmunk featuring Talay Riley

All information is complied with the BBC Singles Chart.

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‘Invictus’, Rugby and Learning to be the Captain of your Soul

“Invictus” (meaning “unconquered”), directed by Clint Eastwood, is an empowering and breathtaking film about a subject that is still difficult to discuss in a public forum – racism.

The film opens in 1990 with the release of the newly elected South African president Nelson Mandela (Morgan Freeman) from his 27-year stint living on Robben Island. He was imprisoned because of being an anti-apartheid activist and he was accused of acts of sabotage.

The opening scene is enough to replicate the social ambiance of the time period to the audience. There is a group of young black boys playing soccer on a field with a high, dilapidated metal fence and children wearing what could be called clothes, though their “clothes” are rags. On the other side of the road, a group of Caucasian boys play rugby on an emerald green lawn in sparkling white uniforms. Their coach remarks on Mandela’s release as, “Boys, remember this is the day our country went to hell.”

On the other hand, the general consensus is that Mandela is there to unite the bitterly divided country during his first term in office. On one side, there are the black compatriots who have been oppressed and disenfranchised. On the other, there are white Afrikaner nationalists who want to keep hold of system that repressed their fellow countrymen. He attempts to amalgamate South Africa upon the split of social values and issues of human injustice by transforming the horrid Springboks rugby team into national heroes.

The team is a symbol of separation and racism, but Mandela views this as an opportunity to inspire the people. He sees the Springboks as a way to keep the white population interested and happy because they would be lost if their team was abolished, like the major sports association wished to do. He also sees rugby as a solution to fuse politics and sport together to create a united new South Africa.

The first half hour creeps by as the audience goes through the initial process of meeting Mandela’s staff and experience the social divide along with him. It’s slow, but this was Mandela’s way of showing his positive attitude to bring everyone together. He treats all of his staff with a smile and showers them with appreciation. In one scene, one of his bodyguards insists while they push the crowds away, that they are to smile at the people.

Freeman plays the part with a quiet strength, but with a strong conviction. His portrayal of Mandela brings the character to life for the audience.

The pacing of the film picks up quickly once Mandela invites the captain of the Springboks, François Pienaar (Matt Damon) to tea to inform him of his intentions to obsessively support the team for the greater cause to the nation. Not only Mandela, but Pienaar wants the rugby team to capture the heart of the nation and win the 1995 World Cup.


Damon gives an outstanding performance and has a great on screen chemistry as the supporting actor to Morgan Freeman. He mastered the difficult South African accent that is a complex fusion of Dutch, English and French. He blends in well with his fellow actors on the rugby team, but still maintains a leader’s role without being too domineering. His role is not as prevalent as in other films, but he displays an attitude of support and strength not only for Mandela’s cause, but for his team as well.

I was very pleased with the interpretation of the events that occurred and the explanation of rugby. I knew a little about the sport before the film, but one gets enough knowledge to have a comprehension of what’s occurring during the game. Another aspect that really struck me was the inclusion of a native battle cry, the Haka, during the New Zealand All Blacks vs. the South African Springboks. If one doesn’t know what it is beforehand, this gesture is quite terrifying, but it was great to see the representation of New Zealand’s native culture.

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I want my MTV (Buffy)

I honestly have not watched MTV in years, but I think this is about to change. Starting January 10th at 11 AM EST, MTV will begin re-airing Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of my absolute favorite shows. MTV will have an eight hour marathon on the 10th, and from then on, will air the show on weekdays at 11 AM.

I assume with the recent Twilight craze, MTV wants to be in on the vampire phenom. Buffy premiered in 1997, pre-dating the twilight series, and is so much more amazing. I love the main cast, but when marathoning the show, it’s also fun to spot big names (and future big names) who guest starred like John Ritter, Amy Adams, Rachel Bilson, and Wentworth Miller.

If MTV isn’t going to play music videos, at least it’s going to have (some) quality programming. Good job Viacom<3

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The Top 10 UK Singles for December 6, 2009

1. The Official BBC Children in Need Medley – Peter Kay’s Animated All Star Band (what?!)

2. Russian Roulette – Rihanna

3. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

4. Meet Me Halfway – Black Eyed Peas

5. You Are Not Alone – X Factor Finalists 2009

6. Whatcha Say – Jason Derulo

7. Tik Tok – Ke$ha

8. Doesn’t Mean Anything – Alicia Keys

9. Morning After Dark – Timbaland featuring Nelly Furtado

10. Fight for This Love – Cheryl Cole

All information is compiled from the BBC Singles Chart.

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