London’s Markets: my picks

One of my favorite things to do on weekends while living in London was to visit one of the many amazing markets. I would get up early and have a great coffee and pastry while looking at interesting clothes and accesories at Broadway Market, have a falafel and a freshley squezed juice at Bourough Market, or search for a unique gift for a friend at Greenwich Market. Here is a guide to some of my favorite markets in London.

Broadway Market:

Broadway Market has a little bit of everything. Delicious food, such as Violet’s Cupcakes pictured above, as well as vintage clothes, handmade jewelry and crafts, cards, and books. In my time living in London, I’ve spent several Saturday mornings here, and always left happy and pleasantly full. I bought my passport holder here, and I’ve received compliments on it from friends and border agents at airports alike 🙂

Official Site:

Open on Saturdays: 10 minute walk from Bethnal Green Underground Station, or London Fields Rail.  The market is a “no-plastic bag zone” so bring your own tote if you plan on doing heavy shopping!

Greenwich Market

Image from Time Out London.  Greenwich itself is worth a visit for many reasons: the observatory, the National Maritime Museum, the architecture, the views of the river and the Docklands, but the market is one of my favorite things about the bourough. Leaving Zone One is completely worth it! The market has both a great food court on the weekends, and a cool array of arts and crafts. I bought handmade chocolates for a friend and a headband for myself made out of lace from a Victorian petticoat. Go to the market, and have lunch in a nearby cafe, and browse the stalls and the shops.

Open: Wednesday-Sunday, more is available on the weekends. Site:

Directions: You can get there by train, boat, or tube. DLR: Cutty Sark Train: Greenwich Station from Charing Cross, London Bridge, or Cannon Street
Spitalfields Marke


Spitalfields is a great place to see new fashions and get a gift for a friend. My friend Katie got Banksy-printed blocks for her boyfriend here, and I bought a dress. It’s an indoor market, and can get very crowded, but it’s worth take a look around. The restaurants and shops around the covered market are very nice as well. It feels more like an outside department store than anything. The market had a recent revamping, but there has been a market in this area in 1682, which as a history buff find so cool. You can buy wares from vendors like others have been doing for more than 300 years.

Open: All shops and stalls open Sundays (Not on Saturday!), Thursday:: Antiques & vintage Friday: Fashion & art

Directions: Tube to Liverpool Street

Borough Market:

Borough Market is a food lover’s heaven. The market only sells food, it’s like a farmer’s market on steroids. You can get anything from a kangaroo burger to an exquisite french pastry here. It gets really busy on Saturdays, so I would advise going in the morning or on Thursday for lunch. I try and get something new everytime I’ve come here. Be on the lookout for famous chefs and foodies, Jamie Oliver has been spotted here.

Open: Thursday-Saturday.

Directions: Tube to London Bridge.

Brick Lane Market

You can get anything and everything at Brick Lane, from a curry to a pair of fake Ray-Bans to a handmade designer dress. It’s bric-a-brac at its best, chaotic and exciting. I like the upmarket fashion area of Brick Lane and the outdoor makeshift stalls.

Open: Sundays

Directions: Tube to Aldgate East


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