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Milan Fashion Week: Armani and Bottega Veneta

After viewing these fashion shows, I was ecstatic to see COLOR! Finally, two designers use a palette not entirely made of neutral tones of black, gray, beige or white. Armani was my favorite show of the day because of the multiple bright colors and playful attitude of the clothes.


Bottega Veneta

This dress is for my fellow blogger, Sarah.

This dress is my favorite. There’s nothing like red to make an outfit pop!


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Milan Fashion Week: Dsquared, Gianfranco Ferré, Jil Sander and Versace

It’s day two of fashion week in Milan. On February 26, Dsquared, Gianfranco Ferré, Jil Sander and Versace revealed their fall fashions.


Dsquared’s line was my favorite out of the day. I love the stark contrast of black and red used subtly interlaced on the lipstick, dresses and tights. The majority of the clothes were black business suits with a 1940s and 1950s cut.

Gianfranco Ferré

This line featured a lot of black power business suits and neutrol tones of white, beige and gold. The gold dress is the boldest fashion choice by Gianfranco Ferré this season.

Jil Sander

Personally, I didn’t care for any of this designer’s clothing. I choice two of the more interesting samples. The first is a black plaid dress outfitted and the second a plaid suit that was replicated in many dark fall colors.


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Milan Fashion Week: Fendi and Prada

It’s fashion week in Milan! On February 25, Fendi and Prada debuted the latest trends for fall. Here are selected pieces:


I love the balance of the white billowing sleeves and black shirt with black leggings. It looks very chic.

I’m never a fan of fur in fashion, but this one screamed Curella de Ville. Anna Wintour, anyone?

Again, I dislike the use of fur, but mustard is very in for the fall fashions. It was a huge theme during New York fashion week. The cut of the dress is calling back to the power suits of the 1980s.


A black dress is always in style, but this coming fall season, there is a hearkening back to the Victorian fashions.

There were several coats in this plaid style in variations of black, gold, purple and green.

I wasn’t floored by any of the designs from the Fendi and Prada shows, but it’s still early! What are some of your favorite fashions so far?


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New York Fashion Week!

For the past two weeks the fashion world has been rushing about preparing for the latest designs for Fall 2010. Over 50 major designs have featured their latest creations. The fall fashions are repeating the long lean look with color inspirations of mustard, plum, mauve and globs and globs of black!

Here are some of my favorite designs:

Band of Outsiders

Christopher Kane

Elie Tahari


Ralph Rucci

Vera Wang

Matthew Williamson

What were some of your favorite fashions? Or some of the wildest?

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Killer Queen: Twelve Inches of Death?

Is the designer Alexander McQueen a fashion genius or just crazy?  He rocked Paris yesterday during his Plato’s Atlantis show. Models wore heels towering 12-inches high.



Photos are taken from the Huffington Post.

Those models are very brave women for wearing these heels and none fell. I watched the entire show and each model walked across the runway without so much of a shudder. They all looked like they were floating. There have been assessments of McQueen’s heels all over the internet, but most like InStyle UK and the UK Daily Express, have been praising him for his adventurous spirit.

McQueen channeled his inner explorer in his spring/summer collection from Darwin’s The Origin of the Species. Each clothing piece was in earth tones and bright blues. There were nature prints ranging from feathers to coral patterns.

I admire McQueen for trying something different in his designs which have been described as “outer world choices” and “alien-like.” The heels are just insane. I’m a tall woman of 5’10” and I often wear stiletto heels when going out. I would never attempt the 12-inch heels because I’m already called Godzilla and Amazon by friends. I could possibly stand in them, but the ending would not be pretty. I hope no women try wearing these shoes out and about – that would be insanity.

I don’t think these heels or copies of them will be released to the public, but perhaps 7-9 inch heels will in nature tones and animal skins in the spring.

What are your thoughts? Would you wear these heels?

♥ – Erin


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London Fashion Week

The 18th-22nd of September was fashion week in London–the 25th anniversary of London fashion week to be precise. I was expecting Luella to be my favorite collection this season, since normally I absolutely love everything that they do. However, this year it just didn’t do it for me. It seemed like it was trying too hard to be cutesy and whimsical and instead, it fell flat for me. You can view their collection on here.

The collection that was an absolute standout this year was Burberry Prossum, with head designer Christopher Bailey.

The color palette is so fresh and feminine. The pastels show that this is a spring collection, but the pastels picked are pretty and light, but in no way evident of an Easter basket, which I feel is a problem I have with certain pastels. In addition to the color scheme used, I liked the way the clothes were draped, and the use of belts that created cinched waists on many of the coats. I feel these ready to wear looks with the cinched belts and generous draping will flatter many different body shapes. I am 5’3 and have an hour-glass figure and it is not often I can see a collection and think “wow, that would look good on me, too!” instead of just appreciate a collection in an aesthetic sense.

My two favorite looks from the collection are:

Silver coat, cinched waist, Burberry

Silver coat, cinched waist, Burberry



I thought the simple makeup and hair was a good decision in that it didn’t detract at all from the clothes.

What was your favorite collection this season?

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