Milan Fashion Week

Fendi and Prada debuts their latest trends for fall 2010. Fur and plaid trench coats are all the rage. More

Dsquared, Gianfranco Ferre, Jil Sander and Versace release their latest trends for fall 2010. More

Armani and Bottega Veneta: finally designers who like color! More

Audrey Hepburn’s cocktail dress sells for £60,000

A cocktail dress worn by Audrey Hepburn int he 1966 film How to Steal a Million has been sold at auction for 60,000. More

Lady Gaga takes on McQueen’s 12-inch heels

Lady Gaga is known for her entertainment value and her like of extreme fashion. During MTV’s Music Video Awards the singer changed costumes many times in the evening. One was a translucent red lace dress while she donned a spiky garish crown that would send even Attila the Hun running across the fields of Mongolia in fright. More

Audrey Hepburn’s designer gowns hit auction blocks

Audrey Hepburn fans got a sneak peek Tuesday of dozens of garments and personal effects once belonging to the movie star that will hit the auction blocks next week. More

Fashion of the Future: The Galaxy Dress

CuteCircuit, a London-based company has been fusing fashion and technology to create clothing that resembles something out of science fiction (or Lady Gaga) rather than reality. More

5 Best places to shop in Chicago

Sarah takes a look at the best places to shop in Chicago. More

Anna Wintour, Obama and New Media

A spokesperson for Vogue has said that the magazine hired the creators of Blue State Digital to work on Vogue’s online presence in both editorial and business. They’re focusing on outreach to readers and subscribers. More

Haute Couture, Hot off the Presses!

Last week I blogged about the new site, Rent the Runway. Here you can rent haute couture gowns anywhere between $50-$200. After being given an invitation to join the site, I offer the lovely reader a glimpse…More

The Netflix for Haute Couture

Just like any other fashionista, I want clothes that are right off the runway and want to look great. This kind of lifestyle comes with a cost for those of us who don’t have the income to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on haute couture clothes. Now there’s an answer that will make every woman jump for joy: Rent the RunwayMore

Full of Grace: Coddington, The September Issue and the RL Controversy

I saw The September Issue last night, and in addition to learning more about how American Vogue works, I also learned more about Grace Coddington. She’s the creative director of Vogue, and while more media-shy than her boss Anna Wintour, Coddington is incredibly talented. She’s just so creative, and her finished editorials look amazing. In this post, you can see some of Grace’s fantastic spreads from this year… More

Recent Grace Coddington styled American Vogue Editorials

After seeing The September Issue, I went looking through my old issues of Vogue and online for recent Grace Coddington Editorials. Here are some of my favorite images from editorials that she styled this year… More

All Hail the Queen: Return of the British Punk Look

Fashion always repeats itself. The ’80s good or bad are back and are hitting the runways with full force. Honestly, I deplore the majority of the 1980s looks on either side of the pond, but this year, the glamorizon punk look is in with full force.

There’s been trends in the UK, States and Japan that have all taken inspiration from the British punk look of the late 1970s and 1980s. Take a look at bands such as the Ramones, Sex Pistols and the Clash. Their looks of 30 years ago have reemerged in designer collections such as DKNY, Topshop and Ben Sherman… More

David Beckham: Homeless Gutter Rat or Boho Chic?

Tonight I was watching the England vs. Belarus soccer/football game. To my horror when Beckham was substituted in during the second half, I saw he is growing a nasty wild man beard. The soccer star is known for his ever changing looks and instincts for fashion. But what happened? More

Killer Queen: Twelve Inches of Death?

Is the designer Alexander McQueen a fashion genius or just crazy?  He rocked Paris yesterday during his Plato’s Atlantis show. Models wore heels towering 12-inches high… More

Skinny Models, Photoshop and Normal People
The blog Boing-Boing and Ralph Lauren have gotten into an cyber-dispute that started when Boing-Boing had picture of a Ralph Lauren Ad on their blog, and criticized it by saying Dude, her head is bigger than her pelvis, and said they got the picture from a blog called Photoshop disasters….

Also, Germany’s most popular fashion magazine, Brigitte announced that it would no longer be putting models in the pages of its magazine.

Read More…

Mantyhose – The next big fashion statement?

Men have been wearing something like pantyhose to keep them warm during the winter, but now this? Selfridges in London began carrying designer pantyhose for men with matching skirts and shirts. Read more

London Fashion Week – September 18-22

The 18th-22nd of September was fashion week in London–the 25th anniversary of London fashion week to be precise. I was expecting Luella to be my favorite collection this season, since normally I absolutely love everything that they do. However, this year it just didn’t do it for me. It seemed like it was trying too hard to be cutesy and whimsical and instead, it fell flat for me. You can view their collection on here.

The collection that was an absolute standout this year was Burberry Prossum, with head designer Christopher Bailey.

The color palette is so fresh and feminine. The pastels show that this is a spring collection, but the pastels picked are pretty and light, but in no way evident of an Easter basket, which I feel is a problem I have with certain pastels. In addition to the color scheme used, I liked the way the clothes were draped, and the use of belts that created cinched waists on many of the coats. I feel these ready to wear looks with the cinched belts and generous draping will flatter many different body shapes. I am 5’3 and have an hour-glass figure and it is not often I can see a collection and think “wow, that would look good on me, too!” instead of just appreciate a collection in an aesthetic sense.

My two favorite looks from the collection are:

Silver coat, cinched waist, Burberry Silver coat, cinched waist, Burberry



I thought the simple makeup and hair was a good decision in that it didn’t detract at all from the clothes.

What was your favorite collection this season?

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