John Mayer: Battle Studies Review

Battle Studies is more stripped down than Continuum. Mayer takes a look at the war-torn land of relationships and love on this album. He’s known as the Hollywood funny man, but when he’s serious in the studio, Mayer gets it done.

It’s all about bombs and warfare, heartbreak that is…

I squeed like a 15-year-old girl this afternoon. I read an article at Just Jared that John Mayer released a new video for the single “Heartbreak Warfare” off his upcoming album, Battle Studies.

This music video is one of the first to feature JM’s version of “augmented reality.” It’s definition according to is a way for “researchers plan to pull graphics out of your television screen or computer display and integrate them into real-world environments.” It uses your webcam to transmit images from what the camera sees to the browser online. Creepy? At first I thought so, but after experiencing augmented reality on JM’s site, I was really excited… More

New Vampire Weekend Single: “Horchata”

While listening to NPR’s All Songs Considered, I let out a loud shriek when I heard Vampire Weekend released a new song. It’s called “Horchata” It’s on their fourth album, Contra, coming out in 2010… More

Who Says? John Mayer, that’s who!

“Who Says” is the first single released from Mayer’s long awaited “Battle Studies” album. It’s been three years since Mayer released an album, not including his work with the John Mayer Trio or the live CDs. At first listen, I really didn’t care for this song. It’s got the same mellow guitar sounds Mayer is famous for, but I wasn’t stunned by his music or lyrics like every other song I’ve heard from him. After downloading the song from iTunes and giving it two, three and four changes, I’ve changed my mind… More


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  1. Josh

    Do a review of Alice in Chains’ Black Gives Way to Blue….you know you want to

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