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A Roman-Spanish Affair

The wanderlust in my soul has been aching for adventures abroad because it’s been a while since I left the United States. Sure, I’ve had crazy fantasies about jumping on the next plane to any destination outside of the States, but that’s not an option at this point. Instead of moping about, I decided to write about the places that have forever etched themselves onto my soul. I’ve been thinking a lot about Rome lately, but more distinctly, the Spanish Steps. Five years ago, I stumbled upon this epic Roman monument wandering the streets in search for the placard to John Keats (By the way, he died in Rome on February 23, 1821 from tuberculosis). Dorky, I know. My parents wanted to plan a family trip before I went to university and we stayed in Italy for a month. For some reason the Spanish Steps have always fascinated me and drew me in like 18th century drug that no history nut could resist.

The Spanish steps were first constructed in 1717 by Francesco de Sanctis. The purpose of the steps was to link the Bourbon Spanish Embassy (at that time) to the Holy See. It is composed of 138 stairs and is one of the largest staircases ever constructed in Europe.

The day I visited, I stayed all day basking in the warm Italian sunlight. I pretended to read a novel, but what I really did was people watch and spy on attractive Italian men. Perhaps, at that time, it was juvenile, but I shall never forget that perfect day. The Spanish Steps have more of a sentimental value, not only because of that day, but because it was made famous by “Roman Holiday” where Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn descend down the stairs while passing the time adventuring through the brilliant city.

If I ever do get married, it will be on the Spanish Steps. Where are some of your favorite places in the world? What makes those sights so special to you?


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